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Menara Airport, Marrakech (GMMX)

Airport Weather & NOTAM's

METAR for:GMMX (Marrakesh/Menara Intl, ME, MA)
Text:GMMX 241800Z 01009KT 340V050 9999 FEW033 SCT100 29/01 Q1011 NOSIG
Conditions at:1800 UTC 24 Apr 2024
Temperature: 29.0°C ( 84°F)
Dewpoint: 1.0°C ( 34°F) [RH = 16%]
Pressure (altimeter):29.85 inches Hg (1011.0 mb)
Winds:from the N (10 degrees) at 10 MPH (9 knots; 4.6 m/s)
Visibility:6 or more sm (10+ km)
Ceiling:at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds:few clouds at 3300 feet AGL, scattered clouds at 10000 feet AGL
TAF for:GMMX (Marrakesh/Menara Intl, ME, MA) issued at 1700 UTC 24 Apr 2024
Text:TAF GMMX 241700Z 2418/2524 32008KT 8000 NSC
Forecast period:1800 UTC 24 April 2024 to 0000 UTC 26 April 2024
Forecast type:FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds:from the NW (320 degrees) at 9 MPH (8 knots; 4.1 m/s)
Visibility:5 sm (8 km)

Live Departures & Arrivals

There are currently no arrivals or departures for this airport.

Departures History (last 12 months)

No departure history to display.

Arrivals History (last 12 months)

Flight No. Origin Aircraft Date
FR4390 LPPT PMDG 737-8... 2024-04-05 16:06:15

Runway Information (Airport elevation: 1,525ft)

Runway 10 Length 10,169ft Width 147ft Elevation 1,525ft Surface Asphalt Heading 96
Runway 28 Length 10,169ft Width 147ft Elevation 1,525ft Surface Asphalt Heading 276

Airport Frequencies

Type APP/DEP Frequency 119.700 Mhz
Type APP/DEP Frequency 120.100 Mhz
Type ATIS Frequency 121.950 Mhz
Type Tower Frequency 118.100 Mhz
Type Tower Frequency 118.700 Mhz

Airport Navaids

Type NDB Ident CNZ Frequency 267 Khz
Type VOR-DME Ident MAK Frequency 113300 Khz